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It all started with blue LEDs...

Back in 2001, I purchased my 1st desktop PC. It was a no-name brand in a boring beige colored case. I wanted it to look different from all my friend's PCs and was inspired by the color scheme of the Constructicon Transformer toys that I played with as a kid.


So I purchased ultra bright blue LEDs, switches, fans, wire, perspex and paint. With a bit of soldering, drilling and painting,    I ended up with the coolest and brightest PC on the block! The blinding blue LEDs light lit up as if a UFO was landing in our lounge room! This was the beginning of my interest in IT and electronics, so I started to build custom PCs as a hobby.

Over the past 15 years, I have worked for various IT companies and in the IT departments of many Australian and overseas businesses. Starting in a Call Center, then to a Tech Support Officer, to Desktop Engineer and a Field Services Technician.


The next challenge would be to start an IT business and do it all!

Since starting BlueLED IT in 2017, we have addressed the IT needs of many small businesses and home users in Brisbane, Queensland. With fast, friendly and affordable service, explained in a way that’s easy to understand, we’ll ensure you’re happy from the moment you contact us to the time your IT issue is resolved.


Contact us today for a free quote!

Chris Simpson
Senior Technical Consultant

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